Want to Become The Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai in 2021?

Passionate about being a part of Dubai's Best Industry? Here's the complete guide on how to be a successful Real Estate Agent in Dubai


Amidst the spread of coronavirus worldwide, Real estate is still one of the booming industries in Dubai. With an increase in real estate activities in 2021, there is an increase in demand for real estate consultants in Dubai as well. If you are passionate about stepping in this challenging yet fruitful industry, then this is the best time. Here is the complete guide on how to become the best real estate agent in Dubai.

Its often mistaken that real estate broker is all about selling properties to the customers, at different nodes of the process, Real Estate Agent is a good salesman, advisor, negotiator, Consultant, marketer.

Real estate career in Dubai is not a rocket science but it is not a cake walk as well, it requires hard work, dedication, good communication skills. And the most important is legal education. Getting a RERA license is just the beginning to the career in Dubai Real Estate Market.

In 2021, it’s not just about being a good real estate agent, being creative and having outstanding negotiation skills are the essentials for a successful real estate agent in 2021.

Work with a Reputed Real Estate Company

Indeed, there are lot of companies in Dubai, so it is important to choose the right company to kick start your career in the real estate market in Dubai. Choose a company that combines latest technologies, teamwork and that also provides niche-based services to the buyers and renters for their properties search in Dubai. A company that provides the right sets of tools, data, and platform to make the process stress free and enjoyable for both Agents and clients.


Take the RERA exam

Once you get hired, it is time to get legal education and broker’s license. Register for the certified training for Real Estate brokers offered from Dubai land department. This course requires 20 hours of work. Upon passing the examination you need to renew this license each year. Then agents need to head to Dubai police to get the good conduct character certificate. That is, it!! Now, you are legally ready to start your enriching career in real estate market in Dubai.

Understand the real estate laws

Like other industries, it is important to know the laws of real estate in Dubai. You need to have in-depth knowledge of rental contracts, buying and selling laws, construction, and land use.

Enhance your network

Go to network events, connect with people, and enhance your network. You should also have good connections with other real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and other important players in the Real Estate industry. Connect with big players in the Real Market industry and seek suggestions from them. In the Real Estate Industry, you have to keep yourself updated with all the latest developments and laws in Dubai.

Market yourself

To stand out from the crowd you need to do 360-degree activities. Old school + New Trends. Attend events, virtual tour, make your social media presence compelling, high quality pictures, make a detailed video of the property, meetups and many more. The most important is to invest in after sales and follow up services

Become an area expert

Specialization in an area in Dubai is really important for a successful and enriching career in Real Estate in Dubai. You need to have all the details about the existing and upcoming projects in that area. You should know how that area works, amenities in that area like School, transportation, Mall, and other activities and do mention them in your sales pitch. You can also move in that area and live 24/7 among the people of that community. Know the status and class of the residents in that area. Become the go-to person for all the information that area. You should have information like how many inventories are there, how many potential buyers are there and expected vacancy of current property.


Pricing The Property

While pricing the property you should have close attention to market trends. You should be assured that the price your planning is within the current market Trends. Remember, time is money. Your property should not be in the market for a longer period. Engage in a right pricing strategy to attract more clients. This is probably the most important strategy which can make or break deals.

An engaging personality

Real estate is an industry where your personality matters a lot. It is often said that real estate agents do not just sell properties they sell themselves. Agents should have great personality, attitude, and good communication skills. Knowledge and confidence are another factor to enrich your personality. Clients will only reply when they sense security, genuine and honest nature of agent. These skills do not come overnight, you need patience and ability to observe and learn from your seniors and big players of the real estate market.

Knowledge is The key

Knowledge is the key for a successful Real Estate career in Dubai. Keep yourself updated on all the latest projects, trends, and news in the real estate market in Dubai. You shouldn’t be limited to just the license, continue getting education and professional development courses because knowledge is the key to the door of success and in return it will help you in long run and highlight you in the crowd.

Stay Connected!!

Stay connected with current and prospects clients. Make sure to have a good connection with all your network. Stay connected with them through phone calls or emails. Be that person who gives solutions to all the problems of your clients. Invest in great after sales service and follow up regularly with them with upcoming events and activities in their area.

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