The UAE, the destination of “World Cup 2022 tourism”

A few months separate us from the launch of the most important and exceptional sporting event, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, from November 21 to December 18, and this tournament will be an opportunity for the countries of the Gulf region to benefit from the “World Cup tourism”, represented by the expected masses. She competes to attend the tournament.


Contributing to the success of the expected World Cup is the agreement of Gulf airlines, which includes Fly Dubai, Kuwait Airways, Oman Air, Qatar Airways and Saudi Arabia, which allows the operation of more than 160 daily shuttle flights to Qatar during the World Cup, and helps the fans to travel from nearby cities. Before the match, and back at the end of the day, without booking hotel nights in Qatar.

flydubai will operate up to 60 daily round-trip flights carrying up to 2,500 fans, and Oman Air will operate up to 48 daily flights from Muscat, carrying up to 3,400 fans, and Saudi Arabia will operate up to 60 daily flights, less Up to 5,000 fans from Riyadh and Jeddah, during the days of the Saudi team matches in the World Cup, while the number of flights will decrease during the rest of the days, and Kuwait Airways will operate up to 20 flights per day carrying up to 1,700 fans, as announced by Qatar Airways. It will raise the number of its flights from Doha to the Gulf, Arab and international capitals, to record numbers, according to demand in order to serve the masses, and in order to make the football wedding a success.

Tourism industry

And those daily trips also make the tourism industry poised to flourish in those nearby cities, with football fans from all over the world wanting to be in the Gulf region during this period, especially since the Emirates in general, and Dubai in particular, are considered an important tourist destination in recent years. And many are looking forward to visiting it, and the next World Cup, which will be held in the winter, will be a great time to visit the Emirates, and enjoy its wonderful atmosphere at this time of the year, with its wonderful infrastructure and civilization.

A few days ago, the agreement between the airlines was preceded by calls from the international media for football fans to benefit from residency in the Gulf countries near Qatar, and to travel from them to attend the matches of their teams, in order to avoid crowding in the host country, which is expected to be unable to accommodate 1.5 million fans, They are expected to flock to 

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