Taking care of your rental property

You won’t have to pay fees and expenses if you decide to maintain the property yourself. However, it will be your complete responsibility to take charge of every aspect of the property, including overseeing its legal observance of all applicable laws and regulations.

Employing a property manager

If you decide to engage a property manager (usually a real-estate agent), the management costs are tax deductible, and you won’t have to worry about issues like charging rent, finding new renters, or handling tenant problems.

A property manager is responsible for:

Knowing the rules governing renting out property, including the rights and obligations of both the landlord and the renter

  • obtaining landlord and building insurance
  • the selection of the best tenants, including reference checks
  • showing prospective tenants the property
  • making a residential tenancy agreement, followed by a condition report
  • Getting a bond and an advance on the rent from new renters
  • monitoring rent payments and examining rent costs
  • carrying out checks for pests and buildings
  • ensuring that all essential utilities are set up and functional
  • Arranging and funding any necessary repairs, upkeep, and improvements.

Employing a property manager has advantages

  • They’ll find dependable tenants.
  • Property managers finish their duties swiftly, so you can start collecting rent more rapidly.
  • Decreased work for you.
  • They will handle crises day or night.
  • Rent collection, inspection planning, pest control management, and maintenance coordination are all tasks that a building manager will handle.

What to enquire about from possible property managers?

It’s crucial to choose a property manager who is familiar with the neighbourhood and has connections to reputable tradespeople in the event of a disaster. You need to have faith that one of the most valuable possessions is in capable hands.

You can use the following inquiries to determine whether a prospective property manager is a good fit for you.


  • Do you pick the tenant, or do I?
  • What takes place if I wish to sell my house?
  • Who covers maintenance costs? Is it covered by the costs?
  • How can we reach a rental price agreement?
  • How can I be sure that my asset will be taken care of?
  • Do you conduct routine inspections?
  • If a tenant doesn’t pay their rent, what happens?
  • What occurs if one of my tenants harms my property?


How much it costs to hire a property manager?

The initial first month’s rent and a continuing commision % of the rent are typically included in property manager fees. Additional fees for administrative work, inspection expenses, and promotion may also be charged.

An investment property’s expenses

There are constant expenses associated with investing in real estate. Due to the fact that they have an impact on both your budget and ultimate net profit, it is crucial to ensure you comprehend what they are. Some of these costs can be written off against taxes, but not all of them.

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