Etihad passenger train service A package of comfort, speed and convenience


Etihad passenger train service – A package of comfort, speed and convenience

The United Arab Emirates is rapidly improving its transportation infrastructure. By embracing the latest technologies, the UAE Rail Network is striving to provide the best facilities to travelers. In the coming days, you will get the opportunity to travel by trains that can touch the impressive speed of 200kph. 400 passengers can easily accommodate in the passenger train. The train ride is always exciting for the passengers, and the level of joy is likely to go up because the train will move between the desert, and cities, through tunnels and bridges. The tunnels have been cut through the Al Hajar mountains.

The vast network of the train will cover 11 cities

The train route links 11 cities across the United Arab Emirates. It will cover areas from Al Sila in the West to Fujairah in the North. Al Mirfa, Al Ruwais, Al Dhaid, Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi will also be a part of the network. According to the recent estimates, by 2030, more than 36.5 million passengers will travel across the country while availing the service of this network.

The facilities on the train are truly excellent

Considering the digital era, the carriages of the train will be equipped with the latest entertainment system, Wi-Fi, and smartphone charging points. The passengers will get various options of food and beverages. This train will bring more comfort to the locals, workers, and tourists. The passengers can travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in just 50 minutes. It can travel between Dubai and Fujairah in 50 minutes. The train covers the distance between Abu Dhabi to Al Ruwais in 70 minutes. While traveling from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah, it takes almost 100 minutes. Traveling between the emirates was never so easy. You can take the first class, business class or the economy class ticket.

The enticing features of the coaches

Traveling by a high-speed train is both economical and comfortable. Meanwhile, you can enjoy quality time with your family, read a book, and finish some pending work. The presence of the latest infotainment system will be a boon for the passengers. It is so relaxing to travel inside the swanky coaches. The stylish interiors truly captivate the attention of the passengers. The seats are truly very comfortable, and you will have ample legroom. All the seats are arranged as per the 2+2 format. All the coaches are equipped with sophisticated air-conditioning systems to cool the internal environment.

The passengers can easily plan their journey between the Emirates and other cities of the UAE with the help of such a service. This train will be the most efficient mode of travel. In comparison to other land-transportation systems, this train service will save 30%-40% traveling time, and this difference certainly matters.

A well-built railway network is necessary for the development of the country

After the completion of the 2nd stage, the Etihad Rail network will benefit the commercial establishment. Such projects diminish the nation’s carbon footprint and save other costs as well. The logistics industry undergoes rapid transformation through such projects. Moreover, such projects promote better connectivity with other parts of the country.

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