Expats have to face a lot of complexities when moving to Dubai in terms of visa, finding homes for rent, etc. Choosing the right apartments or villas in Dubai for Rent will be one of the most important things among all. And this whole process can be overwhelming since they are not usual to the tenancy contract in Dubai.

The Government of UAE introduced a revolutionary system EJARI to regulate country’s rental market. The system’s objective is to safeguard the rights of those who are renting or hiring properties. Ejari is an online registration system which makes an agreement between landlord and tenant. This system ensures that the documents submitted by every individual are well maintained and obligated by all Government agencies.

Ejari registration process involves registering the first agreement, renewing, cancelling, transferring and terminating the agreement. It offers a wide range of services. By registering to Ejari rental agreements are transparent and acceptable to those who involved with due weight to every clause included in the agreement.

With Ejari, Landlords in Dubai can now register and renew the lease contracts online.

Ejari is an online registration system where the registration is online, and is designed such that legal requirements are executed and maintained well and there is a regulatory system on rental market in Dubai. This Ejari system protect the rights of those people who involved in rental contracts.


The Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Dubai wants to move the legal contracting practices into a proper framework, thus, introduced the system of Ejari.

Also, with Ejari both parties who involved in rental deals have detailed information about the contract. And it is helpful when a dispute arise.   

Ejari is fair system that aims to equally protect the rights of landllords, tenants and also companies if any involved in the rental deal.

This system is also designed for regulating the payment of the agreed rental price when payment is made upfront.

 A rent receipt is provided upon completion of the registration process.



The Documents needed for Registering in Ejari are:

  • Original Copy of Tenancy Contract
  • Tenant’s passport
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID
  • For commercial entities, trade license is also required.
  • Tenancy Contract Title deeds of the rented property
  • Recent DEWA bill or connection receipt
  • Landlord’s passport
  • Details of the landlord and some personal documents


When registering to Ejari it takes around 1-2 working days to process the online application and to It generally takes 1-2 working days to process the online application and to generate the Ejari number. Once the Ejari registration is complete, you will receive the official Ejari contract which has main terms and conditions, an attestation acknowledging that your contract is registered with Ejari online and a breakdown of your payment.

You must also complete an Ejari registration every time when you sign a new tenancy contract in Dubai. This is a mandatory requirement, not just by the RERA, but also for several other associated formalities. Here are a few things which mandate an Ejari contract:

  • Residence Visas, New Applications and renewals
  • Telephone/Television/Internet connection
  • Obtaining a Commercial License
  • Employing domestic staff
  • Acquiring an alcohol licence
  • Electricity and water connection

Besides making sure that all rental transactions in the emirate are clear and transparent, there are several other benefits to having the Ejari system in place. As a renter, it can help you do the requisite background check on the landlord and the property by requesting historical data, so you can be more aware of the arrangements you are getting into. There is no room for fraud or tampering of documents by either the landlord or the tenant, which again makes things clear if there is any contention in the future.

The government of Dubai put forward the Ejari initiative in an effort to clamp down on illegal housing and unfair exploitation within the real estate market. Since its introduction, the Ejari system has ensured a smooth relationship between landlords and tenants. It is used for all rental transactions including renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations as an official record capturing all the essential details.

Upon completion of the registration process, the applicant will receive the Ejari Attestation made of 3 parts:

Ejari tenancy contract 
This part represents the transposition of your private Rental Agreement (tenancy contract) into a standard format accepted by Ejari.

Ejari registration certificate 
This part is the evidence that a rental agreement was successfully entered into the Ejari information system and thus giving the terms of the contract legal validity.

Ejari fees payment receipt
This part bears the receipt issued after the payment of the Ejari government fees and typing service charges to RERA.

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