A high-end residential community: ME DO RE Apartments JLT

The state-of-the-art multi-apartment building situated in the center of a charming and fast-developing district will be finished before the year ends. The towering structure will house stylishly designed studios and apartments with expansive views of the city and its surroundings.


The new project will be a dream come true for families looking for a cozy yet dynamic way of life. The owners of the premium houses will be able to live on the community’s grounds with kids of any age because it has a child-friendly policy.

Additionally, the inhabitants will have access to specific public amenities like a colourful playground with a range of toys for toddlers’ pleasure and development, as well as a shallow children’s pool where youngsters can bathe securely.

Families will be able to quickly access socially significant amenities including hospitals, parks, well-established kindergartens, and top-ranked international schools because of the under-construction tower’s excellent location. These facilities are accessible by both private and public transportation. For families with children, this will make daily tasks much easier.

Design and architecture

The new 41-story skyscraper has a contemporary architectural style. Its exterior has a subdued colour scheme, mostly consisting of white and blue tones that go well with the surrounding buildings and artificial lakes. During the day, the glass facade will sparkle brightly in the sunshine, and at night, it will release its own light.

Simple forms, harmonious lines, and the lack of superfluous features are examples of minimalist solutions that characterise the Architecture & Planning Group’s work on the external design. With a multi-level lighting system, the interior design’s white, beige, and brown hues would appear as opulent as possible.

Floor to ceiling panoramic windows are the ideal accent to sophisticated interior design, providing views of Dubai’s famous landscapes.

Attractiveness to the economy

The cost of homes is still much lower than market rates because the premium complex’s building is still ongoing. The properties will become much more expensive after the building is finished, but for now, a studio can be purchased for AED 836,000 (USD 227,000). AED 1.6 million (USD 449,000) is the starting price for a one-bedroom flat; 2- and 3-bedroom homes require a minimum payment of AED 3.2 million and 5.3 million (USD 880,000 and USD 1.4 million), respectively.

 Off-plan (under-construction) buyers can benefit from an appealing payment schedule in addition to the possibility of making large savings. The general developer offers payment plans: 20% of the selected residential property price must be paid up front to reserve the property, and an additional 20% must be paid when it is operational. Within a year of the ownership transfer, the remaining balance is due.

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